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Chiropractors in Toronto

The day to day activities may prove to be very stressful to the body thus leading to pain. You may be working long hours, sitting long hours, driving for long hours, working from a computer throughout the day and you rest very little. Dr Bui, our head chiropractor, along with his chiropractic associates have been helping patients with their pain, manage it, and to recuperate from injuries. Our Toronto chiropractors work across the GTA and are qualified to deal with any issues pertaining human health. There are many who see the chiropractor to gain more energy or enhance athletic potential, and not just to treat pain. In the case you are seeking pain treatment, our chiropractors in Toronto will help patients by offering high quality rehabilitation programs.

Pain Rehabilitation Clinic chiropractors in Toronto work with natural methods of healing in a friendly environment. The ideal treatments include chiropractic healing, soft tissue therapy, healthy acupuncture, athletic care and proper rehabilitation. They give patients information on the right posture so that the spine is in good condition. They show patients methods of relieving stress and patient care technique that have proven to be very effective. Most chiropractic patients come to the chiropractors complaining of stiff, back, achy low and upper back, full back pain, headaches, stiff neck, arm pain, wrist and hand problems, strains, stress, foot injury and even sports injuries in any part of the body. When you experience any joint or muscle pains and you are unable to carry your day to day activities well, it is a good idea to consider visiting a qualified and experienced chiropractor in Toronto.

Our team of Toronto chiropractors will perform a thorough analysis to identify the underlying problems associated with your pain. This is mainly a structural discrepancy around the spine and the joints, thus causing various ranges of acute to severe pain. The chiropractor will then work to insert motion around the joints, liberating the scar tissue to give proper mobility. Our chiropractors provide awareness to a patient on home exercises that will help the muscles and joints gain strength. This is a great and effective rehabilitation program because it enables the body to become strong, bring forth coordination, while keeping joints safe from wear and tear while the whole body feels a surge of energy.

At Pain Rehabiliation Clinic, our chiropractors will also suggest massage therapy (through our RMT services) for those suffering from back and neck pains. Massage therapist will give you a therapeutic massage to relax the musculoskeletal part of the body, relieve irritation or aggravation, while enhancing circulation of blood within the body. In this way, endorphins are released and this is what can take away the pain. The treatment provided by our registered massage therapists will help you to gain mobility and sleep comfortably and well at night. When one sleeps well, stress levels are decreased and this enhances the healing process. Personal training and home exercises are encouraged to give the body stability and strength it requires.

Understanding Chiropractors

There are so many chiropractors, but what differentiates a good chiropractor from a great one? Experience is definitely one of them. Pain Rehabilitation Clinic chiropractors in Toronto have many years of experience and this is a factor as to why they have helped thousands of patients to date. Our chiropractors in Toronto have all the tools required to help patients overcome any pain and start fresh (health-wise) with care. The chiropractic care is tailored to treat both adults and children with the most high-tech equipment and techniques in dealing with spinal biomechanics while helping with nervous system stability. Using proper judgment and years of experience, our chiropractors will help you get your life back in good health because they know how to accurately assess and treat your pain.

Once you find a qualified Toronto chiropractor, he or she will help you understand your condition and explain to you the method of treatment you will need. Chiropractors should understand how to make patients feel at ease in their clinics, and this is what has enabled many patients to trust their treatments. Chiropractors will check the medical history of the patient and the type of medication the patient has used over the years. This is an important step in diagnosing the problem because most problems stem from past day to day activities.

You may have an x-ray scan depending on the type of pain that you are experiencing. Once the analysis has been taken, the recommended treatment program will begin immediately. After a few treatments at a chiropractic clinic, the patient will realize whether or not they will be on a journey to full recovery.

You may be suffering from an injury that you are not aware of and it causes you pain. Once you visit Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, be assured that our chiropractors will provide proper medical help. Numbness and tingling mainly occurs after an accident and the chiropractor will have to work to get rid of the condition. Therapeutic techniques are common in these sorts of injuries so that the body joints and muscles get the correct treatment. You will go through rehabilitation exercises with our chiropractors, who will also recommend other forms of therapy such as massage therapy and physiotherapy, which will also help the muscles to recuperate and gain flexibility.

At Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, our chiropractors are very experienced, and understand how to effectively treat patients on an individual basis. Whether you are experiencing swelling and pain, muscle soreness, arthritis conditions, or fibromyalgia, our chiropractors in Toronto is your best choice for pain treatment. We use personal training programs and home exercises in addition to our treatments which will help develop optimum health. This will also improve good posture and teach you to live a healthy lifestyle such as dietary habits. You can ask our chiropractors any questions of concern, and they will offer the help that you really need. And once you learn more of the available treatments, everything will become easier.

Pain Rehabilitation Clinics in Toronto

Pain treatment in Toronto is available at any of our 5 pain clinics where our medical staff will treat many patients on a daily basis. Our doctors have years of experience to understand the kind of pain that will cause serious discomfort and stress to a person. They work to minimize the pain completely so that a person can go back to having a normal lifestyle.

Once you visit Pain Rehabilitation Clinic in Toronto, you will realize that they have a full staff of medical personnel such as neurologists, physical therapists, physiatrists, RMT (registered massage therapists), psychologists, and psychiatrists. The purpose of having these qualitifed medical staff under one roof is to analyze the root cause of chronic or acute pain that many patients seem to suffer from different perspectives, then to accurately treat the patient in various ways to lessen the pain or completely eliminate it. This means the use of pain therapies from Pain Rehabilitation Clinic are well prepared to deal with all forms of pain conditions. We have detailed treatment programs to give patients emotional, physical, and mental stability while dealing with pain.

Our Toronto pain clinics utilize the help of chiropractors who have extensive experience in treating patients and their pain. Chiropractic care is a technique that incorporates natural remedies without drugs or surgery to get rid of pain. Chiropractors use their hands to touch pressure points like massage techniques to give the spinal cord strength while also healing the soft muscle tissue. Personal training and exercises are encouraged to give the body energy that is required to heal itself. Once the spinal cord is strong enough, the body will then be able to be mobile, lessening pain and stiffness.

Pain treatment also involves the use of rehabilitation to the body. This also involves the neuromusculoskeletal process of working to analyze, treat and rehabilitate all body problems.

When your body is getting better, acupuncture therapy and massage therapy is a great addendum to your pain treatment and therapy. These techniques work to understand the underlying conditions causing pain to the body. By having frequent acupuncture and massage therapy sessions, your body will recuperate a lot faster with a reduction in pain. Pain Rehabilitation Clinics have qualified medical staff that will perform these procedures to give the body comfort and the freedom it deserves.

Our pain clinics in Toronto also uses the technique of electrodiagnotic testing. This technique involves a medical procedure called electromyography (EMG) to a patient. Needles & electrodes are applied through the muscles to stimulate them, causing motion and sensory reactions within the muscles to give them the strength to function well. This is especially important for patients with neuromuscular conditions and when they suffer pain or stiffness. When you feel pain is hindering your daily activities visit any of our Toronto pain clinics and you will receive the proper treatment required. This is a place with qualified doctors and therapists who have helped many patients achieve full recovery.

Pain Rehabilitation Clinics are widespread across the GTA and are available for booking at any time. We will accommodate to your schedules and allow appointment to be booked later in the day if convenient for you. Take the necessary steps to get your health back in order by visiting any of our pain treatment centers.

RMT and Naturopath Services for Pain Rehabilitation

Pain Rehabilitation Clinic employs highly qualified registered massage therapists (RMT) in Toronto who have had years of hands-on experience. Our massage therapists have had years of experience working at previous rehab clinics and are fully certified to provide treatment in our 5 pain clinics in Toronto. The number of patients receiving massage therapy services for various conditions have grown over the last 5 years as a result of the effective treatments that each of our RMT has provided. Our massage therapists understand how to alleviate pain using deep tissue therapy, sports therapy, swedish massage, cranial sacral, hot stone, pregnancy therapy, thai yoga therapy, aromatherapy and reflexology. They teach patient techniques to deal with existing pain and also ways to reduce physical aggravation or pain when it reoccurs in the future.

If you have problems with pain and swelling in the body, it’s a good idea to consider seeing a registered massage therapist in Toronto. The muscles where the pain is being felt will need such therapy so that any underlying conditions are eliminated. This is an important step in ensuring that you will not reinjure yourself. The massage is required for acute and even chronic pain because the body generally needs to recuperate quickly. Once this is done, it will be easier to get back to normal duties without any delays. Lymphatic drainage has to be done when headaches and swelling bothers you. This is a technique for allowing blood flow evenly throughout the body. When a patient is suffering from chronic or acute pain, our RMT will use motion techniques, minimal adhesions and this decreases muscle stiffness.

Jaw problems can also be reduced through effective massage therapy so that tightness is eliminated. The techniques of intra-orally and extra-orally massage done in the mouth and outside the mouth ensures jaw pain reduction. There are many people who suffer from pain when chewing food and it may be wise to see a massage therapist in Toronto. It is also important to get massages since such therapeutic help is great for relieving stress. People with headaches and migraines will benefit a lot because blood circulation to the brain is more frequent and in control. Muscle metabolic stability is also achieved and it is good for reducing migraines and pain. The RMT in our pain clinics have all the resources and equipment to make sure that complete health and normal functioning of body muscles is achieved.

Naturopaths in Toronto also deal with rehabilitation of pain in patients both acute and chronic. Our naturopathic doctors are able to use “natural” techniques in combination with modern medicine for health problems. It is a process of healing where underlying symptoms of the pain are recognized and healed by motivating the body naturally. The naturopath doctors at each of our Toronto pain clinics understand that bad eating habits and poor lifestyles contribute to many common pain conditions. The patient is encouraged to live healthy which will in turn get rid of the underlying health problems. Our naturopath doctors have programs and techniques tailored for each patient’s condition revolving homeopathy, hydrotherapy, chinese techniques, acupuncture, clinical nutrition health, botanical therapy and even naturopathic exploitation.

There are many conditions that a naturopathic doctor can treat, which may benefit and work well with traditional western medicine. Our health & wellness patients have learned to deal with pain in a completely different “natural” approach to achieve both partial and full recovery, increasing their health holistically.

Pain Rehabilitation services by a RMT and Naturopath

Pain Rehabilitation Clinic has assisted many patients who suffer at all levels through our 5 fully equipped pain clinics across Toronto and the GTA. We have registered massage therapists (RMT) who have qualifications to provide therapeutic health in all areas. The therapy is performed to include deep tissue, sports massage, aromatherapy, thai yoga, hot stone techniques, pregnancy massage, cranial sacral therapy, Swedish massages and reflexology. Our tailored treatments show patients how to deal with pain through massage therapy. You will be able to know how to prevent future occurrences of injury and pain through personal therapy. All of our therapists are fully certified to work with pain for both acute and chronic conditions.

Our registered massage therapists have unique solutions to treat your back pain, neck stiffness, swelling, poor motion, tissue failure, stiff joints and other types of injuries. Many people get injuries by abruptly falling down or during sports activities. With the help of our Toronto RMT specialists, aggravated and continual pain can be reversed and you can look forward to living a normal life with less restrictions. Our massage therapist will use techniques that speed the healing process through rehabilitation to get the muscles to function at optimum levels.

If you have pain, swelling, aching or strains that is either chronic or acute, come to Pain Rehabilitation Clinic to experience a therapeutic massage. Our therapists will progressively work your body to eliminate pain as well as any underlying conditions that may trigger reoccurring pain. One of the methods our massage therapists apply is practicing the lymphatic drainage solution that allows regular blood flow while removing all pain. Chronic pain can be very traumatic thus the therapists are trained to use a series of motion therapies, minimize adhesions and also have the body decrease muscle stiffness. This technique of healing the body is good because the tissue is truly healed, giving back a full range of motion so that one can perform daily chores without any problems.

We also have a naturopath who can provide you with alternative naturopathic services at any of our 5 pain clinics in Toronto. Naturopathic doctors use natural techniques and medicine to reduce pain. Naturopathic medicine involves healing the underling condition by motivating natural therapy (without prescription drugs) to bring forth comfort. This means that a patient has to take up a healthy lifestyle and clean eating habits to get rid of underlying issues. All of our clinics use individualized naturopathic and holistic programs for every patient so that proper healing can be achieved. The idea is to consider the psychological, structural, physiological, spiritual and even social environmental elements related to the disease. Natural therapy is a must which involves homeopathy, ancient Chinese medicine, traditional acupuncture, clinical nutrition, botanical therapy, hydrotherapy as well as naturopathic.

In this way, a naturopathic doctor is able to deal with a slew of health conditions and problems that patients may be suffering from. Most of the cases are acute or chronic conditions, inflamed internal organs, pediatric problems, geriatric, physical and psychological issues. A naturopath will involve a philosophical approach to problems to help improve your overall health. Naturopathic doctors can be quite complementary to medical doctors and their medicinal practices.

Chiropractic Care - Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT)

When visiting Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, our Toronto chiropractors offer spinal manipulative therapy to relieve pain from your back especially along the spinal cord area. This form of treatment is natural, and it uses no conventional medicine. It is a natural approach to treating skeletal systems and the nervous system to relieve pain.

The pain we are referring to can be the common neck pain or back pain that may have resulted from a motor vehicle accident, from a fall where you ended up injuring your back, or from joint pains that may have resulted from physical strains (e.g. sport activity). And if you are suffering from arthritis, this SMT treatment could be good for you. While you are being treated, our chiropractors will also advise you on other relevant issues such as good dietary habits to keep yourself in optimal shape.

Our chiropractors at Pain Rehabilitation Clinic use a type of movement that is passive and ensures the movements are not too strong to cause further injury or pain to the patient. The movements also increase the range in motion, improving mobility little by little as the spinal manipulative therapy is continued.

Spinal Manipulative Therapy is about the application of friction to the spine using your hands to massage and stimulate the spine, while at the same time relieving pain. SMT affects the movement of nerves flow and it can reduce pain faster than physiotherapy. Chiropractic therapy is the best for recovery after surgery. You should understand that a chiropractor is not a medical doctor although they do possess medical knowledge. They cannot diagnose some ailments and in the event that they do, they are not allowed to treat it unless your personal medical doctor refers you to them.

When our chiropractors perform spinal manipulative therapy, you may experience a bit of discomfort and there may be some mild soreness in the joints. However, the pain and discomfort will subside over time. Patients can move freely after several sessions with the chiropractor and they will start feeling better. This type of treatment does not use any prescription drugs and so there are no side effects to deal with.

With Spinal Manipulative Therapy, there are no changes in your life. The only changes involved are in the diet, physiotherapy, and medical gymnastics. You should understand that chiropractors are not healers but practitioners whose purpose is to treat the holistic being of a person and leave the patient feeling better physically, mentally and psychologically. Chiropractic clinics treat the patient and not just the symptoms, as chiropractors will listen to your questions attentively and answer them professionally to provide the best tailored advice possible.

Acupressure Massage Therapy for Pain Treatment

An RMT (registered massage therapist) at Pain Rehabilitation Clinic provides patients with a type of massage that helps speed up the circulation of blood in the muscles that have been affected by tendonitis and muscle inflammation called “Acupressure.” Our RMT will use their hands to apply direct pressure on a paient’s body which we call “acupressure massage.” Acupressure concentrates mostly on points where (life) energy flows. Sickness or diseases can cause the flow of life energy and this where the issues can begin when the life energy does not get to the designated areas and there is pain involved. Accupressure massage helps to remove wastes from the lymphatic glands that more often than not are the causes of tendonitis. Waste products that are not removed on time are the ones that cause swelling and inflammation on the tissue.

Acupressure is aimed at achieving balance between the body and the mind. When the body becomes sick, life energy does not flow well and an imbalance occurs. Acupressure massage is what manipulates the flow of this life energy and healing of the muscles is achieved. Muscle tension is relieved while at the same time increasing blood flow to all parts of the body. When the flow of life energy is back to normal, restoration of the balance of the body occurs.

Acupressure uses the registered massage therapist’s fingers, thumbs or knuckles to apply pressure to the designated point thus increasing the flow of blood throughout the body. This massage reduces inflammation of muscles, reduces stress, increases the circulation of blood, and offers better relaxation to the muscles and to the body as an entirety. A massage patient will experience pain relief and improved mental health. This is the best method of treatment for some ailments because it does not use any medicine.

Acupressure is good for relieving migraines, gout pains or other muscle pains. Our registered massage therapists ensures that it is done on the appropriate muscles and that it is done correctly to reduce chances of injuries. You do not want to be treating one condition while causing another injury or aggravating the problem.

When applying this acupressure, our RMT will use their finger, thumb or knuckles to apply the pressure and hold for a period of fifteen to thirty seconds. The pressure feels like a sensation which disappears after a short while- a tingling feeling which disappears followed by some pain relief.

When applying acupressure on the neck for neck pains, the effect can have pain impulses from the spinal cord to the brain thus relieving the pain. Our RMT will apply acupressure pain relief on the neck by stimulating the area using pressure from their knuckles and between the index and middle fingers. This pressure is very effective, and it is the simplest and the most effective. The massage therapist will apply press to the pressure points, and continually add more pressure until you feel a sensation moving away from that area. Constant pressure will be applied for a short period of time which in turn will relax the muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy for Pain Treatment

Every now and then if you suffer from continuous pain throughout every muscle within your body, maybe it is time you considered having a Pain Rehabilitation Clinic RMT treat you with a deep tissue massage to relieve you of your pain. This deep tissue massage is done in a way such that the masseur or masseuse concentrates on the deeper layers (muscle tissues) of the body. This helps to remove tension stored in the body and is carried out by a RMT using small strokes with deep pressure. When this is done, there should be no pain and the masseur should not strain when applying pressure. To achieve the best results, always be treated by a “registered massage therapist” who will have ample knowledge on the specific muscles areas in every area of your body as well as the different layers of each muscle.

A deep tissue massage does not necessarily mean that there is a lot of pressure applied to the “deep tissues.” The trick is in knowing the depth of the muscles and the tissues that make up the muscles- that is, the fascia and how to work on those layers so that you can reach even the deepest areas. When the fascia becomes immobile for some time, or is injured, it becomes stiff resulting in pain. The pain is what causes the immobility and this in turn reduces its functionality. The massage should not be painful although it can be a little uncomfortable in the beginning but you and your massage therapist should work together in getting the level of pressure that works well for you and is comfortable.

An RMT will apply massage pressure by using his or her knuckles, fists and elbows. The registered massage therapist should start out slowly and then progress depending on the “feel” of the client's body tissues during the massage therapy session. Sensitive pressure is needed to address the tension and the contractions of the body tissues.

Deep tissue massage is best suited for those people who are always experiencing pain in and around their muscles. This is especially common around the neck and the upper back, lower back and shoulders. This pain can be caused by ergonomically incorrect sitting positions when at work or in front of a computer. The way you position yourself has a huge impact in your body's overall physiology, muscles, and joints. For example, always ensure that you are not struggling to reach your keyboard at your desk. Outside of work, sports and active gardening are also known to strain the muscles and joints. Stress and depression can also be attributed to causing pain within your muscles. Once you start your massage therapy with a RMT, you will be advised of many tips to help alleviate everyday strains, and to help sustain relaxed muscles following each massage session.

In summary, deep tissue massage is beneficial to any person since it will relieve pain and tension in your muscles while reducing aggravated pain. You will increase mobility, which means giving you the ability to continue doing what you love the most such as swimming, participating in your favorite sport, or tending your flower garden. A deep tissue massage will help break down previous scar tissue allowing new ones to grow and allows for quick recovery for those who have had injuries.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Helps to Create Harmony with the Body

At our Toronto pain clinics, our registered massage therapists offer “ayurvedic” massages. Ayurvedic massage originates from a mix of Indian philosophies that focus on the senses, and help to create harmony within the body. Ayurvedic massage therapy is often referred to as a “hard body massage” because it uses powerful methods to heal pain. This form of treatment does not cure all problems but helps to relieve the soreness in the tissues. There are many problems or issues that are in connection with the muscles and can be fixed through massage therapy, but what Ayurvedic massage does is that it focuses on pressure points in the body. This is an ancient Asian technique that has been used globally and is quite effective when it comes to restoring health.

The main goal of Ayurveda Massage Therapy is to provide remedy for pain treatment in the muscles. For example, if you massage certain points of the head it can relieve more than just pain. It also helps to alleviate stress according to Ayurvedic Therapy. There are many individuals that do not believe this form of therapy and consider it as a quick remedy. According to many scientists, it has been proven that Ayurveda Massage Therapy really does have a positive effect on diseases such as blood pressure, arthritis, and insomnia.

When you are getting an Ayurvedic massage, harmful chemicals are released which will activate healing and slow your aging process. This massage is very soothing and many rich oils will be used so that you feel relaxed during the massage. These oils feel great on the body and help to relieve all the tension and pain that you may be having. If you wanted to learn how to provide Ayurvedic Massage Therapy then you could do so by purchasing books or watching video tutorials. However, these videos will provide you with just the basic techniques and thus, you will not fully benefit compared to professionals. That’s why patients will have their ayurvedic massage from a massage therapist here at one of our Pain Rehabilitation Clinics in Toronto.

The name of this massage is based on a lifestyle that focuses on creating harmony with the body. This lifestyle is widely practiced in India and was formed on the belief that all humans have a dosha. Dosha means a unique form of energies such as water, fire, earth, etc. There are many spas out there that provide Ayurvedic Massages with essential oils according to your own dosha. The most common massage techniques that are used are kneading, squeezing, and traditional massage strokes. The massage that the therapist provides is usually based on what your body needs and focuses on the pressure points to fit your dosha.

When you go to an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, they will ask you some questions that will pertain to your lifestyle in order to figure out your dosha. They may also check your skin to determine which type of oil is necessary. When they are carrying out the massage they may also utter some mantras which are designed to bring harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. At the end of the massage you are bound to feel pain-free and will go home quite satisfied.

Chiropractor Diversified Technique (DT) Full-spine Manipulation

Chiropractic services is a profession linked with the symptoms, effects and diagnosis of problems in neuromusculoskeletal system. Complementary and alternative medicine may be used as another name of chiropractic. Podiatry and dentistry is also linked with chiropractic as chiropractors have the characteristics of primary care providers or doctors. Chiropractors use diversified techniques similar to osteopathic and chiropractic manipulative techniques. This technique is mainly used to diagnose the dysfunction of joint and spine alignment. Chiropractors and chiropractic care is a health care professional with medical specialty in areas linked with joints and spine like dentistry and osteopathic techniques.

Main therapies used in our Toronto chiropractic services are: Manual therapy, Thompson technique, extremity adjustment, cranial technique, cervical technique, etc. Manual treatment includes controlling the connection of spine with joints and soft tissues. This form of therapy also includes exercise, lifestyle and healthcare advice. Experts believe that vertebral subluxation obstructs human’s inherent intelligence. Our Toronto chiropractors will exercise various techniques of chiropractic treatments pending on a patient’s issue such as manual therapy which is considered effective for neck pain, low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, joint pain and different forms of headache. Chiropractic treatments must be done by a seasoned expert with maximum care and attention to achieve the best results.

If not performed effectively, spinal manipulation can lead to substantial results. Diversified spinal manipulation includes a lot of procedures and it is the most familiar and appropriate technique used for spine. This treatment relies on the skill, speed, force and intensity applied by the chiropractor to push or pull the spine to the place from where it has been displaced that are called dysfunctional segments. Popping noise of replacement results in synovial fluid which links the joints. Thompson technique which is an alternative of diversified technique uses a particular table where displaced segments of spine are cocked up with speed and strength. This can cause cavitations.

Another chiropractic technique is called, “Cox flexion,” used to help cervical and lumbar disc disorder as it is a gentle and effective technique to treat certain conditions of the spine, especially those pertaining to disc pathology. A specialized table is used in this technique where patient pulls one end of the table by his one hand while the other hand is used to thrust the vertebra to its original place. Another remedy is extremity adjustment which is not used for the spine but rather the joints. Shoulders, ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, etc are examples of joints which receive this therapy. Tunnel syndrome, strains, sport injuries, tendonitis are also some of the disorders handled by this technique.

Naturopathic Medicine- Natural Healing that Provides a Happier and Healthier Life!

Naturopathic medicine is the belief that an individual’s body has the ability to heal itself. With the right nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, and through a variety of herbal medicines, a person can heal their body naturally. This type of medicinal approach is designed to provide a human being with holistic care, referring to the care for one’s entire body. It is used as a way to fight diseases through a natural process and provide healing in an effective manner.

There is no evidence that proves that this type of medicine can help cure all diseases or reduce the risk of cancer. However, it is a very effective way to provide restoration to the body and make an individual feel at ease from several ailments or problems. Different types of naturopathic medicines have various effects on the body so we should find one that suits our needs. Naturopathic medicine is about relieving pain such as regular migraines, back pain, excessive weight gain (e.g. thyroid issues), hair loss, and many other problems that you may be facing on a daily basis. Naturopathic remedies is cost effective and there are rarely any side effects since the naturopath is providing you with natural herbs.

Many individuals support naturopathic medicine and therefore will visit a reputable naturopath doctor in Toronto to seek effective healing power and restore the body to a natural balance. The main goal of naturpathic doctors is to make you feel healthy both inside and out. Once you begin naturopathic treatments, you will surely notice and feel a significant change- everything that goes into your body and everything that you do is all natural. Naturopathic medicine aids in reducing the risk of getting illnesses and will help ease the pains that are occurring throughout the body. For example, one will go on a diet and take herbal medicines if they are overweight. Another example could be using acupuncture methods and techniques to help relieve the pain in your muscles.

There are many attributes connected to naturopathic medicine and so you just have to find a suitable treatment to help with the problems that you are experiencing. A patient that is suffering from depression would obviously be administered a different treatment program by a naturopath in Toronto then another patient who is having a weight problem. There are different remedies or cures for the vast variety of illnesses out there with natural vitamins that are created to help the body feel better and subsequently make you look healthier. An important thing to consider is that naturopathic medicine is quite complex, and you should therefore not take it upon your own to treat yourself, but rather contact a Toronto naturopath practitioner or naturopathic doctor to properly assess and restore your health.

For many of those who have been treated by a naturopath in Toronto, they continue to undergo naturopathic therapy as they have seen results which have made a significant difference in their daily lives. You will need to stay dedicated and take all of your natural herbs on a daily basis so that you can be successful at your objective in becoming a healthier and happier person.

Chiropractor Activator Technique: Alternative for Neurosurgery

People with a busy routine, long working hours, and mental stress can lead to back pain, neck pain, anxiety and poor blood circulation. These issues can cause significant health problems.

Poor spine alignment and aggravated back pain can produce serious pain, as we know that the spinal cord is the main structural element of the human skeleton. The complete nervous system of a human body is based on the spinal cord as it takes the message from the brain and sends it to the nerves. Any slight damage can make you bed ridden.

As medical science is further advancing with higher modern technology, and one example would be the chiropractor activator technique. This technique is a medical process that helps the chiropractor with many chiropractic techniques to align your spine and brings your body into a working condition without any pain and side effects. The chiropractic activator technique was first introduced by Arlan Fahr as an alternate for the manual manipulation of spine.

The chiropractor activator is a device which is a small device handled by a chiropractor which conveys a small impulse to the spine. It was noted that 0.3j kinetic energy is given in a three millisecond pulse. The basic target was to produce enough force to move the vertebrae but not too much which can cause injury.

Chiropractor activator technique entails analyzing the length of the legs, and a number of times it was observed that the one leg up is to some extent shorter than the other. To find out whether the problem is with vertebra or if is a different underlying problem, the chiropractor will complete some test which includes moving arms and muscles attached to the vertebra- if the length of the leg changes, then the problem could be located at the vertebra. The main objective of the technique is to restore your body by correcting the pelvic misalignment and vertebral by activators push mallet to put the joints back in the right position.

Chiropractic activator technique has further sub techniques which includes Thompson chiropractic technique, Gonstead chiropractic technique and Cox flexion / Distraction chiropractic technique. In Thompson chiropractic technique the “drop table “technique is used in which a gentle thrust is given to the joint which sets the drop piece in to motion to target the specific tissue or the joint, through this chiropractors determine the type of misalignment in the patient, and then try to correct that misalignment by giving thrusts to joints and the tissues. The Gonstead technique was first used in 1923, and in this technique various levels of pressure is given to the patient to give him relief and increase the mobility of the body. Cox flexion/distraction method is the right alternate for back surgery- this technique is applied on the patient on a specific flexible table to give pressure to muscles and joint. This is used specially for herniated discs.

According to a survey done by the National Board Chiropractic Examiners in 2003, the technique was used 69.9%, whereby 23.9% people experienced significant relief from this technique.

Naturopathic Medicine – Treatments by a Naturopath Doctor

Naturopath treatments are administered by naturopathic doctors to treat various illnesses that patients have. The purpose of the treatments is to get to the root of an illness rather than treat only the symptoms, and this is one reason a growing number of people are becoming interested in naturopathic doctor treatments in Toronto. In some cities, it is difficult to locate a licensed and trained naturopathic doctor but if you look at local online directories of naturopath doctors, you should not have a problem finding a qualified naturopath doctor within Toronto or the GTA.

Nutrition-Based Treatments

One of the most common naturopathic doctor treatments is the use of nutrition. When you visit a naturopathic doctor and you have a common cold, the naturopathic doctor may recommend a hot herb-filled soup with vegetables and fish as a way to cure your illness. Or if you need to detoxify your body after eating heavy and carb-rich foods over the holidays, the naturopathic doctor may recommend a low-carb diet with mostly proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Botanical Treatments

Some naturopathic doctors prescribe various plants and edible herbs or botany-based supplements to cure illnesses. For example, if a man is struggling to get an erection during sexual intercourse, the naturopathic doctor may recommend the use of gingko plant powder or gingko supplements to boost his sexual performance. Or if someone needs relief from the burning feeling in the body that occurred due to fire ants, he can recommend certain plant extracts.


Acupuncture is a naturopathic treatment that has been around in Chinese culture for centuries and some medical researchers stated that there are some long-term health benefits of acupuncture which includes stress relief. In acupuncture, the naturopathic doctor looks for certain pressure points on the body and then he applies the needles to those areas.

Naturopathic Doctor Treatments for MS Patients

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder that affects the nervous system and some of the symptoms include difficulty in motor skills, blurred vision and sometimes difficulty in chewing or swallowing. The naturopathic treatment that would work best for someone with MS is a healthy diet that is free of sugary and high sodium foods. Omega-3 supplements fight inflammation so if you have MS, the naturopathic doctor may prescribe these.

Naturopathic Doctor Treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

If you have ADD, you may want to reduce your intake of refined sugars as these could trigger the symptoms of the medical condition. The naturopathic doctor would prescribe more nutritious snacks such as fruits and nuts. Massage therapy may also be used by naturopathic doctors for those with ADD because the massage will reduce stress.

When you use naturopathic medicine, you resort to methods of healing that are sometimes more effective than surgeries and pills, which could involve bad side effects depending on the individual. Before you choose a naturopathic doctor, you should verify that he possesses a license or qualified training for this medicinal line of work. The doctor should also have a few years of experience under his belt alongside a neat, organized, and well equipped practice. Finally, the advice and treatments he prescribes must be sound based on common sense, logic, and educational advice.

Chiropractor Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

The Chiropractor Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) is a chiropractor technique in which the entire body is healed through the use of chiropractics. It involves the importance of healing the cranial system, which is essential to your health and the entire body. In particular, this technique focuses on the cranial sacral respiratory area which covers the brain and spinal cord. The cranial sacral respiratory mechanism must operate properly in order for the whole body to function well and the Sacro Occipital Technique assists with this process.

Problems That Improve With SOT

Some of the health problems that improve with SOT include abnormal or excessively high blood pressure, misaligned spines, headaches, urinary problems, digestive problems, and female reproductive problems. Medical studies have shown that the results from SOT treatment are long-lasting; so this would be a good treatment for those who want permanent results from these problems.

How SOT Works

In the Sacral Occipital Technique, our Toronto chiropractor will analyze your body and determine where the imbalance is in your nerves. He will then place your body in a position where the weight of the body would experience resistance. When this happens, the cranial sacral respiratory mechanism would be normalized and you will have a better spinal-respiratory collaboration within the body. The communication between the nerve and spine also improves.

Other Considerations about SOT

SOT is often used to correct an asymmetrical spine. An asymmetrical spine happens when the sacro-lilac joints become misaligned and one hip moves forward while the other hip is moved backwards. The sacral pump loses its function, and the pelvis becomes out of position. The symptoms of an asymmetrical spine include lower back pain, numbness in facial structures, insomnia and headaches. However, subluxation occurs when ligaments in the pelvis stretch and when the sacro-lilac joints separate. The good news is that SOT can correct this condition.

TMJ Relief Is Possible With SOT

TMJ stands for Temporo-Mandibular Joint, and it is also known as the jar joint. This joint is essential in chewing, swallowing and talking, and when dysfunction in this joint happens, daily use of the mouth becomes difficult. SOT treatment can treat this dysfunction.

Use of Wedge-Shaped Blocks to Realign Spine and Pelvis

One of the main tools our Toronto chiropractors use in Sacral Occipital Technique is wedge-shaped blocks. The chiropractor uses these blocks by positioning them on various parts of the body and analyzes the weight of your body as a way to correct spinal problems.

Alternative to Minor Surgeries and Medications

The SOT treatment is a good alternative to surgeries for spinal cord issues because the chiropractor offers painless and simple treatment and you will have a shorter recovery time. Depending on the chiropractor, you may also pay less for the SOT than you would for surgery and prescriptions.

Chiropractics is important in the field of medicine because it offers high quality relief of spinal problems by using adjustments of the spinal system, which usually does not take a long time. SOT treatment falls in the chiropractics category and when a person receives this treatment his brain works in cooperation with the spinal system. Visit us at Pain Rehabilitation Clinic for your SOT chiropractic treatment.

Craniosacral Therapy (Cranial Sacral Bodywork or Therapy)

Craniosacral therapy is a naturopathic and osteopathic medicine that is popular in alternative medicine, and it involves the therapist putting his hands on the patient to determine the patient’s craniosacral rhythm. Some of the conditions that can be reduced by the therapy include neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, and immune disorders. When you go for the therapy, you will remain fully clothed as the therapist used his hands to apply pressure on you.

Craniosacral therapy focuses primarily on the skull and other parts of the body such as the neck, lower back, shoulders and spinal cord. This is good for those who have experienced trauma, who were involved in car accidents, or those who have spinal cord disorders.

Duration of Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

The sessions can last anywhere between thirty minutes and one hour, although some clinics have sessions that could last less than twenty minutes but this is rare. As per the price of these craniosacral sessions; this depends on the doctor and generally speaking, some health insurance providers will not cover this form of therapy.

Relieves Stress

When you visit our Toronto Pain Rehabilitation Clinic for craniosacral therapy, our therapists will give you a relaxing massage and this in turn will relieve stress. There have been numerous medical studies that show the benefits of massage therapy for stress; so this therapy is great for that purpose.

Helps Those with Fibromyalgia

According to the 2009 study entitled, “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine,” medical experts concluded that people with fibromyalgia benefit from a few sessions of craniosacral therapy. In addition, in a study on alternative medicine that was also released that same year, researchers found that persons with multiple sclerosis could benefit from the therapy as well.

Headache Relief

Craniosacral therapy involves the treatment of minor problems in the cranial area of the body; so it is not surprising that this therapy works wonders for those who have occasional bad headaches that last for hours throughout the day. If your headache persists after the craniosacral therapy, you should see the doctor to determine if you have a more serious illness such as brain cancer.

Finding a Good Craniosacral Therapist in Toronto

One way to find a craniosacral therapist is by talking with people in Toronto who have received the treatment from a health and wellness clinic. Ask them if they are satisfied with the therapist’s services and if they noticed a change in their condition after the session. Another way to find a good therapist is to visit Toronto based naturopath, chiropractor, and massage therapists directory websites and write the number and office addresses down for later contact. You should get referrals and verify that the therapist is licensed.

In a time when more people are turning to alternative medicine to cure various illnesses, craniosacral therapy is one of these treatments that is effective and non-invasive. This to many is better than surgery which involves incision at times in addition to a long recovery period. When you receive craniosacral therapy treatment, you will relieve headaches and stress, alleviate minor spinal problems, and have less neck and back pain. Call Pain Rehabilitation Clinic to book your appointment.

Chiropractor Cox Flexion / Distraction Technique

Craniosacral therapy is a naturopathic and osteopathic medicine that is popular in alternative medicine, and it involves the therapist putting his hands on the patient to determine the patient’s craniosacral rhythm. Some of the conditions that can be reduced by the therapy include neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, and immune disorders. When you go for the therapy, you will remain fully clothed as the therapist used his hands to apply pressure on you.

Craniosacral therapy focuses primarily on the skull and other parts of the body such as the neck, lower back, shoulders and spinal cord. This is good for those who have experienced trauma, who were involved in car accidents, or those who have spinal cord disorders.

Duration of Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

The sessions can last anywhere between thirty minutes and one hour, although some clinics have sessions that could last less than twenty minutes but this is rare. As per the price of these craniosacral sessions; this depends on the doctor and generally speaking, some health insurance providers will not cover this form of therapy.

Relieves Stress

When you visit our Toronto Pain Rehabilitation Clinic for craniosacral therapy, our therapists will give you a relaxing massage and this in turn will relieve stress. There have been numerous medical studies that show the benefits of massage therapy for stress; so this therapy is great for that purpose.

Helps Those with Fibromyalgia

According to the 2009 study entitled, “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine,” medical experts concluded that people with fibromyalgia benefit from a few sessions of craniosacral therapy. In addition, in a study on alternative medicine that was also released that same year, researchers found that persons with multiple sclerosis could benefit from the therapy as well.

Headache Relief

Craniosacral therapy involves the treatment of minor problems in the cranial area of the body; so it is not surprising that this therapy works wonders for those who have occasional bad headaches that last for hours throughout the day. If your headache persists after the craniosacral therapy, you should see the doctor to determine if you have a more serious illness such as brain cancer.

Finding a Good Craniosacral Therapist in Toronto

One way to find a craniosacral therapist is by talking with people in Toronto who have received the treatment from a health and wellness clinic. Ask them if they are satisfied with the therapist’s services and if they noticed a change in their condition after the session. Another way to find a good therapist is to visit Toronto based naturopath, chiropractor, and massage therapists directory websites and write the number and office addresses down for later contact. You should get referrals and verify that the therapist is licensed.

In a time when more people are turning to alternative medicine to cure various illnesses, craniosacral therapy is one of these treatments that is effective and non-invasive. This to many is better than surgery which involves incision at times in addition to a long recovery period. When you receive craniosacral therapy treatment, you will relieve headaches and stress, alleviate minor spinal problems, and have less neck and back pain. Call Pain Rehabilitation Clinic to book your appointment.

Spinal Adjustment Chiropractic Treatment

At Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, our chiropractors will perform a spinal adjustment chiropractic treatment whereby the hands or a small handheld tool are used to adjust the patient’s spine. This is considered a better treatment for spinal problems than major surgery or pills as the chiropractor will be able to identify the root of the problem, and furthermore, the patient receives immediate and long-term results from this treatment. Some of the common reasons why patients will have spinal adjustments is for the purpose of alleviating headaches, back pain, muscle irritation, and stiffness in the joints (e.g. arthritis).

When You Should Not Get A Spinal Adjustment

While this form of spinal treatment is generally safe, you want to verify that your Toronto chiropractor is licensed and trained properly in this practice. You can accomplish this by visiting the Ontario Chiropractic Association website (www.chiropractic.on.ca) and peruse their site to obtain info on local chiropractors within Toronto. If you have certain medical conditions, you should speak with your family physician and ask if they would advise you in receiving chiropractic treatments. Some of these pre-existing medical conditions include cancer in the spine, osteoporosis, or severe muscle problems.

What Takes Place in Treatment

During the spinal adjustment chiropractic treatment, the chiropractor will ask about your medical history, discuss how the procedure works, as well as the benefits and any risks of the procedure. Our chiropractor will then give an X-ray to determine what your spinal problems are to determine the course of action. After X-ray completion, you will lie down on the table facedown. The chiropractor then uses kneading, rolling and sometimes pressing in order to adjust your spine. You may hear a “popping” sound but do not panic as this is normal during a spinal adjustment chiropractic treatment.

How Often Do You Need This Chiropractic Treatment?

The frequency of this chiropractic treatment will depend on the individual and their condition. Our chiropractor will be able to determine this upon your initial treatment. Some patients will opt to have this spinal adjustment performed every few months, whereby others will have it done every couple of months, depending on how you feel following this treatment as it may provide better results than other treatments. You want to be careful and not receive too many treatments within a year, as this could cause damage to your spine and joints over time.

Maintaining Spinal Adjustments

Once you receive spinal adjustments, here is how you should maintain the benefits of it at home: If your chiropractor advises you to perform certain exercises a certain number of times a day, you should do them regularly and consistently. Another thing you should do is avoid the problem that led to your need of the spinal adjustment in the first place. For example, if you are not careful or practice proper form when lifting heavy boxes, then simply practice better lifting techniques. Moreover, you should engage in physical activity as often as possible since it will strengthen your muscles and spine.

Patients who receive spinal adjustment chiropractic treatments often benefit from them- your spine will feel better, and you will have more relaxed muscles and joints. Some healthcare and insurance providers offer coverage of this treatment, but if your provider does not include these treatments in the plan, you want to ask the chiropractor about payment options. And once you get into your chiropractic treatments, listen to your chiropractor and follow post treatment options to maximize good health in the future.

Naturopath Toronto - The Secrets of Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is a treatment that involves the implantation of the amino acid ethylene diamine tetracetic acid into your bloodstream to attach to non-toxic metals that are in your body. The main reason people undergo chelation therapy is to get rid of lead poisoning or some other type of poisoning in the bloodstream from metals. When metals enter your bloodstream, various problems occur and these include the hardening of arteries, certain cancers and toxic poisoning. However, some cardiologists feel that chelation therapy may not work to prevent heart illnesses due to toxic metal poisoning.

How The Therapy Works

When you go in for the chelation therapy, our Toronto naturopath doctor will place an IV in your hand or arm and then the ETDA will go in your bloodstream for three hours while you sit in the doctor's office. When the three hours end, you will leave the office but the toxic metals will leave your body over a period of weeks through urination.

Side Effects

When you are treated with chelation therapy, some of the side effects include loss of vitamins in the body, cramps and sometimes kidney failure if the doctor administers the therapy improperly. Some severe risks of this therapy include congestive heart failure and bone loss. One of our Toronto naturopathic doctors will discuss all details with you at the time of your treatment.

Good for Treating Thalasemia

Thalasemia is a condition in which there is an iron buildup overload that occurs in the body due to numerous blood transfusions. This therapy is excellent in treating thalasemia according to some medical experts but before you get the therapy you want to talk with your doctor first.

Ways You Can Learn About This Therapy

Read alternative health magazines as you are more likely to find information in detail in these publications than in established medical journals. Visit a Toronto natural health foods store where they may be able to discuss the benefits of this therapy. You can also talk with friends or relatives who have received this treatment by a naturopath in Toronto to get a better idea of how it can help you in the long term. Community health seminars sometimes will mention this chelation therapy if the discussion is about reducing or removing lead poisoning our of your system.

Who Should Not Receive Chelation Therapy?

According to medical experts, children, pregnant women, senior citizens and people with certain illnesses should not be treated with chelation therapy because this could cause problems to those people that fall within these groups. Children, pregnant women, and those suffering from kidney or heart failure should not use chelation therapy. If you feel you need this therapy but have a serious medical condition, contact our Pain Rehabilitation Clinic and ask one of our practioners alternative ways to get rid of toxic metals in your body.

In addition, before taking the therapy you should tell your doctor if another alternative therapy is currently being completed on your body, or if you have the intention of combining your conventional medical treatment with an alternative therapy.

Chelation therapy is a good way to keep from developing long-term illnesses due to toxic metal poisoning and possibly hardening of the arteries. Research it thoroughly, and after receiving the treatment, ask the naturopathic doctor on ways you can recover and prevent toxic metals from getting in your bloodstream in the future.

Toronto Naturopathic Colon Therapy

Naturopathic Treatments to Treat Colitis Colitis is an inflammation of the colon and you do not always need to resort to surgery when treating this condition, as the help from a qualified Toronto naturopathic doctor can offer you other great alternative treatments. Symptoms of colitis include bad cramps, diarrhea that is watery, and sometimes fever. As for the causes of colitis, it may be due to several reasons although there is no official cause for it. Our Toronto naturopath doctor may put you on a special diet that would focus heavily on bland foods which are not spicy nor greasy. The naturopathic doctor would also recommend that you consume foods that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids as well as fruits as part of your diet.

Colon Hydrotherapy

This naturopathic treatment involves the use of water in order to flush out the toxins and excess buildup from your bowels and colon. Our naturopathic doctor will use an instrument that works similar to an enema inside your rectum as varying amounts of water will be poured along with some herbs and coffee in the water for better effects.

Some people will use colon therapy to treat incontinence while others will have it done for the purpose of optimizing a healthier colon and digestive system overall. If the naturopath doctor does not perform this properly, there are potential issues associated with this treatment- the patient may experience an electrolyte imbalance in his system. Upon a colon therapy treatment, visit your doctor if you experience any adverse effects or conditions such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dehydration, dizziness and fever.

Natural Colon Detox Remedies

One thing to consider when treating colon problems naturally is to simply drink more water, as water serves as a cleanser in removing toxins out of your body while keeping it hydrated and refreshed. Consume high-fiber foods because they assist the water you drink with relieving colon issues. Fiber supplements also work synergistically with water to relieve an impacted or backed up colon. Reduce your intake of sugary drinks and sweets as they will irritate your digestive system. Try going on a short fruit juice diet to speed up the results but do realize that it will not be enough to maintain a healthy colon permanently.

What Happens When Colon Cleansing Occurs

The most obvious result of a good colon cleanse is an increase in your bowel movements. This is because as you clean your colon, all of the toxins and excess fecal matter leave the body. You may experience more than one trip to the bathroom during the cleanse, and that’s a great indication that you’re en route to a healthier colon. Keep in mind that you may feel slightly bloated and could experience dehydration and occasional flatulence- drink large amounts of water frequently.

At Pain Rehab Clinic, our Toronto naturopaths will treat you with a colon cleanse in which the benefits of the colon cleansing will surely outweigh the temporary discomfort from any applicable side effects. Before deciding on your own method of a colon cleanse, we suggest that you come into our naturopathic clinic and talk with any of our qualified and licensed naturopathic doctors who can tell you which colon therapy is right for you. The naturopath will also advise you on the procedure and any side effects of natural therapies, as well as prescribe the right herbs for your colon needs. Be sure to carefully follow the naturopath doctor's instructions before, during, and after the colon cleanse.

Activator Method Chiropractic Technique

There is a common chiropractic treatment which many Toronto chiropractors will use to treat minor spinal problems within patients, and it has been proven to be an effective treatment- it’s called the activator method chiropractic technique. The chiropractor will initially begin by examining the patient to look for any malfunctioning joints or spinal cord, and following the diagnosis the chiropractor may perform an X-ray on the patient for further insight into the patient's underlying problems. Once this is complete, the chiropractor will then start the activator technique.

Working with the Activator Method

The activator is an chiropractic apparatus that is designed to adjust the patient to alleviate and provide relief from spinal problems. Furthermore, it gives the chiropractor an idea of which parts within the body need to be adjusted. The chiropractor presses the activator down on the patient’s body and then the adjustment occurs.

Painless and Quick

One reason why so many chiropractic patients prefer this technique is simply because it’s painless and the procedure itself does not take long to perform. This chiropractic treatment is generally safe for children and the elderly, and so it’s also a great alternative for those who do not require major spinal surgery. Moreover, for people who are allergic to certain medicines for spinal pain should consider the activator method chiropractic technique.

How Activator Chiropractic Technique Benefits Patients

Some of the main benefits of this method include headache relief, pain reduction with injured discs in the back, leg and arm pain, pinched nerves in the spinal section of the body, and general back pain. Not every patient will be an ideal candidate for this activator technique so before you consider it, talk with your chiropractor first. On another note, if you have TMJ, this activator technique would help and benefit you.

Finding The Best Toronto Chiropractic Doctor

In order to locate the best or well-experienced chiropractor in Toronto for the “activator method chiropractic technique,” do a Google search online for “chiropractor Toronto” and you will receive many Toronto chiropractors in the search results. Visit their website, read the chiropractor’s bio, verify that he is licensed, possesses years of experience in this field, and then decide whether or not you would like to contact the clinic. Perhaps check out online review sites to obtain feedback from previous and current patients, and talk to friends who have visited a chiropractic clinic in Toronto to get recommendations or referrals. There are also chiropractic journals and references available on the Ontario Chiropractic Association website (www.chiropractic.on.ca) on all practicing local chiropractors in Ontario.

Ways to Research The Activator Method

Aside from talking to your chiropractor, there are other ways to research the activator method technique if you are interested in this way of relief from spinal issues. You can read a few medical journals on this topic online, purchase chiropractic health magazines or medical books at your local book store, or even attend seminars that pertain to chiropractic issues.

The activator method is one of the safest chiropractic treatments today, helping millions of people with their joint and spinal problems. Chiropractic care is an effective way to treating spinal problems without medications. Another benefit with this treatment is that it will relax your muscles and joints, helping those who also suffer from arthritis or scoliosis.

Chiropractic Neuro Emotional Technique

When people have neurological pain, they have a few options for treatment. One option is to visit a medical doctor who will usually prescribe prescription medication followed by invasive surgery. Another option is to see a chiropractor who will evaluate the problem and work with non-evasive adjustments to help relieve pain and suffering.

Freeing Emotional Pain

When the body feels a significant amount of pain, the body can affect the emotions. Chiropractic care works with Chinese medicine to cure pain through kinesiology and thought processes. This process uses body energy to remove blockages like toxins in the body. There have been a few small studies performed on cancer patients who have benefited from holistic care with neuro emotional therapies, and they have reported feeling less pain and stress after undergoing the procedures with a chiropractor who is trained in these treatments.

This therapy works by removing negative emotions from the body, but it is not psychological care. The emotions are removed through gentle movements that release Chi in the body. The movements are targeted to specific points in the spine. For example, the arms might be moved if the stress is targeted in the area that controls the arm. The therapy has been used since in the 1980s, but with more people desiring alternative forms of care, neuro emotional treatments have become more popular with both Toronto chiropractors and their patients.

Holistic Care without the Drugs

In Toronto specifically, more and more people are now considering holistic care where they do not have to take prescription drugs, and so Toronto chiropractors are growing in popularity and demand. People who have never visited a chiropractic clinic are often surprised by the varying treatments that they offer. Chiropractors do more than just adjusting the spine; they also provide chiropractic techniques that work on neurological issues that affect the facial muscles and even the neuro-emotional issues.

You’ll find that many chiropractors in Toronto also have massage therapists working within the clinic as well. Many health insurance programs (outside of OHIP coverage) designate a certain number of chiropractic office visits each year. Those same chiropractic visits can often include a massage, which makes the visit even more relaxing.

Releasing Blockages Within the Body

Frequent chiropractic visits will help reduce pain all over the body. The chiropractic belief is that pain is caused by blockages coming directly from the spine and so by making subtle, regular adjustments to the spinal column, a chiropractor can work to alleviate pain at the source. Chiropractors do not prescribe medicine because they believe that medicine does not actually cure the pain, but simply mask it. Since many medicines have potentially harmful side effects, it seems appropriate that a holistic care like chiropractic care would not exercise them.

No Need to Worry

Many people are reluctant to visit a chiropractor because they have heard horrors stories about chiropractic treatments that have gone bad. In most cases, chiropractors are very gentle with their patients. Just like medical doctors, chiropractors also pay high insurance premiums and so it is in their best interest to treat and take excellent care of their patients. Keep in mind that many chiropractors pursue their career because they want to help people feel better. In most cases, people who leave a chiropractic clinic are happier after their treatments and adjustments versus when they first arrived having pain. So come visit us at Pain Rehabilitation Clinic and we hope to have you smiling when you leave.

Applied Kinesiology (Chiropractic technique)

There are many people who suffer from back pain, neck plan, and pain in other areas of the body. Even though the pharmaceutical companies are continually releasing new prescription medicines to treat pain and other physical and medical issues, the potentially harmful side effects are encouraging many people to turn to alternative medicines. This is making chiropractors and their chiropractic techniques such as kinesiology, more popular than they have been in the past.

Human Movement for Wellness

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Many people who study kinesiology often work with athletes or in the physical wellness industry. There are many chiropractors who use these kinesiology techniques to help relieve pain in their patients’ bodies. Chiropractors who use kinesiology techniques in their practices use movement to adjust the mechanical blocks that create pain in the body. Once a chiropractor or kinesiologist understands where the trouble is occurring in the body, they can work through a battery of motions to work to cure the problem.

Covering the Symptoms

When doctors prescribe medication, the medications will only mask or cover up the problems that is the root cause of pain in the body. Painkillers will block the neurotransmitters that cause pain, and holistic care providers believe that the entire body needs to be taken into account in order to cure the root of the problem, and not just mask it with prescription medications. So many people prefer this method of care, because they notice it working and then do not have to worry about taking medicine at certain times of the day.

Treat the Problem

Turning to kinesiology to cure the root of any physical or chiropractic pain is worth the effort, since kinesiology is not painful nor has harmful side effects. Therefore in essence, if you were to try it and felt that the procedures were not beneficial or did not work, you have lost nothing at all. Many people find kinesiology to be rather relaxing because a chiropractor or kinesiologist will move the patient to get the desired results.

Controversial Elements

As with all medical practices, there are controversial elements. Some people do not like chiropractic kinesiology because it does involve some unusual practices. Some Toronto chiropractors will use it to determine the root of food allergies because it can involve chemical testing to see how one’s muscles react. Chiropractors look for the causes of any physical problems, which could be caused by a variety of different physical ailments in the eyes of the chiropractor. You’ll find that many chiropractors in Toronto will test for problems with myofacial or cranial issues, nutritional and joint problems. When these are all taken into account by a chiropractor using kinesiology, the chiropractor obtains a full evaluation to discover where the pain originates to assess and treat the patient effectively.

Once the origin of bodily pain is discovered, chiropractors then know what they need to do to help alleviate and treat the pain. The chiropractor might suggest regular spinal adjustments and/or frequent massages in the area where the pain occurs. Some chiropractors may also advise their patients to work closely with a dietician or nutritionist. Others might suggest some other alternative treatments that manipulate parts of the body in a natural and holistic fashion.

Chiropractic Care for Lumbar Disc Herniation

Here is some information provided by Pain Rehabilitation Clinic Toronto on lumbar disc herniation. The spine consists of vertebrae and there are discs that are located in between the vertebrae. The purpose of the lumbar discs is to act as a cushion, and this prevents the vertebrae from rubbing against the spinal cord. Whether it is because of the aging process or through an injury, sometimes the lumbar disc herniation occurs when the lumbar disc is damaged or placed out of its normal location. One main symptom of lumbar disc herniation is a sharp pain and other symptoms include muscle weakness and a sense of numbness within the spine.

Chiropractic Treatments That Are Available

Our chiropractors at our Toronto pain clinics will perform a chiropractic treatment called, “spinal decompression,” which is effective in treating those with lumbar disc herniation. The chiropractor will place the patient on a table and then strap the patient to a machine that gives off a traction that will treat and soothe the lumbar herniated disc and pain from the disc. The patient generally receives more than one session for the treatment of their herniated disc by our chiropractor. Another chiropractic method for lumbar disc herniation is pelvic blocking and this occurs when the chiropractor manipulates the patient's spine by placing wedges underneath the patient's pelvis.

Recovery After Chiropractic Care for Lumbar Disc Herniation

For the first two weeks after receiving chiropractic care, you want to rest in bed so that your back can relax and rejuvenate during the healing process. While lying down, you should also raise your legs on a pillow to lessen and reduce the tension on your back. If you are lying on your side, place a cushion in between your knees for proper sleep posture. Use can also apply heated pads on your lower back to speed up the recovery.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Lumbar Disc Herniation

One benefit of chiropractic care is that it takes a shorter time to recover from your condition and it is also less expensive than injections, prescriptions and surgical procedures not covered by OHIP altogether. In addition, you achieve long term results and the chiropractor will provide you with sound advice, exercises, and other ways to help prevent future damage to herniated discs when heavy lifting is required.

Most chiropractic patients who have experienced lower back pain due to a lumbar herniated disc will tell you that it becomes nearly impossible to take care of their day-to-day tasks when it acts up. Thankfully there are chiropractors in Toronto that offer a variety of techniques that relieve the pain and reduce the symptoms associated with herniated discs.

Visiting a pain treatment or chiropractic clinic is definitely a great option to treat issues involving your spine, in addition to your family physician. Many spinal cord issues can be effectively treated by a Toronto chiropractor, and this is why many people are now exploring the alternative options of medical treatments. When you come to any of our seven Pain Rehabilitation Clinic locations in Toronto and meet with our chiropractors, discuss your symptoms in detail so that they can accurately determine the best treatments for your conditions. And after you receive treatment, follow the chiropractor's advice for recovery so that you heal quicker. Finally, get plenty of rest and try to put less stress on your back.

The Gonstead Technique and Other Types of Chiropractic Care

The Gonstead technique is a chiropractic technique that was started by Dr. Clarence Gonstead, a chiropractor. The Gonstead technique is actually a series of techniques that serve different purposes for correcting spinal problems. One of these techniques is called, “visualization,” and this occurs when the chiropractor will determine spinal abnormalities by looking at a person's back. The chiropractor will also ask you to walk around the room so he can look out for slouching or other problems that affect your posture in a negative way. Another form of Gonstead technique is static palpitation and this occurs when the chiropractor uses his finger to feel your back and neck to check for any swelling in the spinal area. Motion palpitation is also another technique when the chiropractor manipulates a patient's spine by moving the back in various directions.

Laser Therapy in Chiropractic Care

Some chiropractors use laser therapy over multiple treatments and sessions to treat their patients. The chiropractor will apply a laser instrument to the skin to treat a condition. People with back pain or arthritis seem to benefit the most from chiropractic laser treatments.

How Multiple Sclerosis Patients Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care could also work well for those with multiple sclerosis since this is a medical condition that affects your spine, arms, and eventually the legs. Our Toronto chiropractor can adjust your spine in such a way that you will be able to do tasks in a less stressful manner. If you are currently receiving physical or occupational therapy for your condition, chiropractic care can help supplement it.

Healing Bone Spurs Through Chiropractics

Bone spurs occur mostly in those ages 60 and up, and bone spurs occur because the joints become weaker as a person ages. The spurs act as a way to strengthen areas of the joints that are not very strong. Some of the symptoms of bone spurs include inflammation, pain, and swelling in the joints and when medications fail to heal the symptoms, a patient can obtain relief through chiropractic care. Keep in mind that chiropractic care will not eliminate the bone spurs but rather reduce the discomfort.

Chiropractics and Piriformis Syndrome

The piriformis is a small muscle that resides in the buttocks area and when this muscle is excessively tight, it causes discomfort and lower back pain. A misalignment of the pelvic and spinal bones is the main cause of the syndrome and surgery and medications are usually not necessary because this problem can be treated with some stretches, spinal adjustments, and other techniques from a chiropractor.

The Gonstead technique and the above mentioned chiropractic methods work well to heal spinal problems in an effective and inexpensive way. Contact Pain Rehabilitation Clinic to schedule your consultation with one of our chiropractors in Toronto, and theyll be glad to help you improve your well being.

Osteopathic Medicine

There has been a large push lately towards osteopathic medicine or holistic medicine. The theory is that the whole body must be healthy in order to properly fend off diseases and other problems. By looking at the interaction between systems including diet and exercise, as well as treating specific illnesses, it is possible to make people truly healthy rather than just fixing things that are “broken.” The perspective of many practitioners is that western medicine focuses on treating problems once symptoms occur which is not the most effective way of dealing with things. It is much better to prevent health problems before they arise, let alone becoming out of control- and this is the focus of osteopathic medicine.

Understanding Your Body as a Unit

First and foremost, you have to think of your body just like a “car” that needs to be properly maintained and fueled. We as humans can have fun, consume amazing foods and beverages, but you should ask yourself whether or not it does more harm than good. The better the fuel you give you body the more efficiently it can run. You can counterbalance some of the more fun things (which are usually bad for your health) with exercise. Understanding the balance between what you need, what you want, and what you can do to have what you want makes a huge difference when trying to get on track.

Working on Your Whole Health

Osteopathic medicine looks at how your systems are functioning together and makes small changes in an attempt to make big differences. Each person develops and responds differently. This generally means “what works for you might not for someone else.” By taking baby steps, you can pinpoint what areas of your body need the most work and how to get you to that point of future stability and balance. This type of focus is imperative for functioning at your highest level.

Building a Better Future

The more you learn about your body and the systems therein, the better you will be at recognizing the problems as they pop up. You will instantly know what you need to change in order to make yourself feel better and to generate more energy. The more you understand about yourself, the better off you will be from a health standpoint, and osteopathic medicine will help you gain a deeper understanding. In many cases, a person can fix their internal imbalances with change rather than with a prescription pill. This will free you from the confines of synthetic chemicals and make your body the temple it should be within.

Osteopathic medicine has really taken large strides in adoption, simply because of the fact that people are seeing how effective it can be. They are seeing how it can alter the course of deadly diseases like cancer and heart disease, and giving each person more control over their fate. This type of focus is appealing in a world where so much is out of your control. If you’re willing to stick with it, you can often build a better future and a healthy lifestyle while avoiding crippling illnesses.

Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

You’ll find many people are actually scared of visiting a chiropractor’s clinic simply because they find it terrifying to have their spine manipulated. The truth is that you manipulate your spine everyday, but often in the very worst ways. Chiropractic manipulative therapy can help to rectify years of bad practice as well as small bad habits you unknowingly carry out. These changes allow you to move more effectively, freely, and help you to feel better overall. You’ll find that as you receive chiropractic treatments, most of your aches and pains will subside over time. At that point, you can become even more diligent with your exercise and health regimen as you will not be as restricted from physical pain previously.

Getting Properly Aligned

When your back is not properly aligned, you subconsciously make up for it in other ways. This means causing undo stress to other joints and muscles and often causes a snowball effect of pain. Chiropractic manipulative therapy works within the center of your body so that everything else can fall in line (or shall we say “aligned”). It’s amazing what a difference it makes when your center is lined up correctly. Our Toronto chiropractors will always advise that you should complement the manipulative therapies with core strengthening exercises. This will work synergistically and help your adjustments stay aligned.

Helping Your Muscles

Chiropractic manipulative therapy will also help guide your muscles in doing what they’re supposed to be doing. By properly setting up all of your muscles, you essentially become more of an effective machine. You often don’t realize how you’re your body compensates by working the wrong muscles to simply fulfill a task. As you move farther along in chiropractic therapy, you’ll notice that your core strength improves and that you produce more power out of every move as a result of proper body alignment. Furthermore, your body will build muscle more quickly because you will be using your muscles at maximum efficiency.

Feeling More Energy

Another major benefit of having chiropractic manipulative therapy done is an increase in your energy levels. When your body is running more efficiently, you will also maximize calories burned- constantly feel charged and ready to go! There is no need to worry about crashing halfway through the day because you are not making up for deficits in your ability to work but rather working in a way that makes sense for your overall health. The more machine-like your body becomes, the stronger you will ultimately be. It’s so easy to realize how much of a difference the manipulative therapy has on your overall health.

Like most other health conditions, most people won’t consider their back health until something bad happens and you soon realize how a back problem throws off everything that you do daily. By working on your core strength and getting chiropractic manipulative therapy, you can avoid such injuries and find it easier to keep your body on track. The more you focus on your health holistically, the better it is for you and your future. Your body is all about the different areas working together, and with proper alignment, it’s just the beginning when it comes to optimum health.

Activator Method Chiropractic Technique

The activator method chiropractic technique was developed by Arlan Fuhr, as a method for manipulating the spine or extremity joints instead of using the usual manual manipulation. In administering the treatment, the patient would lie in a prone position with one leg looking slightly shorter than the other, after which the chiropractor would conduct a series of muscle tests- activating the muscles connected to specific vertebrae by having the patient move his arms in a particular position. If the lengths of the leg change, it is an indication that the problem can be found at the vertebra. In treating this problem, the chiropractor would progressively move along the spine towards the head in the direction from the feet.

Why the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique Works

With chiropractic care, the body is made to naturally heal itself and in the traditional form, spinal and other joints are manually manipulated. Receiving this treatment for the first time sometimes produces anxiety within the patient, especially when the person hears "cracking" or "popping" sounds. This is why the activator method chiropractic technique is preferred – it is gentler and more effective.

The chiropractor makes use of various tests in determining the areas that need adjustment in your body. Lying face down on the table, you are extended over the edge for proper alignment of your leg. You are then instructed to move your head and arms to various positions, and each of the changes in body posture may make the alignment of the legs to shift, thus making it possible for the doctor to identify the bones that are not well aligned.

Who Should Receive This Technique?

The activator method technique is good for patients of all ages, but children having trouble lying still would find it more helpful. Older patients or people suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis or other health conditions which weaken the bones would also find benefit from it. In addition to being helpful for people with neck and back pain, you should use it if you have health problems like spinal imbalance, dysfunction of the nervous system, as well as spinal joint issues.

Everyday living, old injuries, and stress can cause vertebrae to lose their motion or proper positioning causing an void within your nervous system. The technique helps to restore spinal balance, and it involves low-force adjustments which are safe and effective. It is necessary for the doctor to have the ability to pinpoint the problem's exact location using Activator analysis, as that plays a major role in relieving a patient's symptomatic pain.

When your bones are misaligned, they can cause pain and muscle strain as they press against the nerves. Evidence from clinical studies support the effectiveness of a chiropractor activator method technique, and this is why you will find it to be very helpful as a good alternative to taking prescription medications. Depending on the misalignment or injury, you may need to have multiple adjustments over time for your body to maintain structural health. Call Pain Rehabilitation Clinic to book an appointment to see one of our experienced Toronto chiropractors.

About Chiropractic Vector Point Cranial Therapy

The vector point cranial therapy is the low force and non-invasive primary cranial adjusting method used today by many chiropractors, because most of the body's subluxations are secondary to a primary subluxation. And as soon as the doctor corrects the primary subluxation, the secondary automatically corrects on its own.

The primary subluxations can be found in either the pelvis or cranium, while the other subluxations may be located throughout the spine or the jaw, are compensatory, and due to the dural tension the cranium and pelvis subluxate.

What is the Dura?

The dura is the fibrous sheet covering the spinal cord and the brain, with its attachments beginning inside the skull, to the spinal canal, and finally anchoring at the lowest bone in the sacrum inside the spine.

One of its functions is making it possible for cerebral spinal fluid to flow freely, and dural tension is created when the cranial bones are subluxated, making the jaw joints and the uppermost neck vertebrae to react. With the reaction of the uppermost vertebrae, the other parts of the body including soft tissues such as organs adapt, and from a subluxation, an entire compensation and adaptation pattern takes place in your body.

This type of treatment was developed after it was observed that all of the body's musculoskeletal structures are represented systematically on the cranium. Specific areas of the skull are directly related to the ribs, vertebrae, the extremities and the pelvis. And by simultaneously compressing at least two specific vector points near or on the cranial sutures and/or on the cervical spine, a stress release could be affected easily. This helps in simultaneously reactivating and reprogramming the ‘biocomputer' with updated instructions, superseding the previous neurological stimulus-response and making it to be replaced by the one correcting the subluxation to enable the body to naturally heal itself.

Why the Vector Point Cranial Therapy is Used Today

The vector point cranial therapy is helpful for those living with the following health conditions:

- Headaches (tension, migraines, sinus headaches)
- Neck pain (car accident whiplash)
- TMJ problems
- Pain in the upper and lower extremities (carpal tunnel syndrome)
- Low back pain (sciatica)

It’s a procedure which is also gentle enough for people such as:

- Pregnant women
- Elderly (osteoporosis)
- Newborns (torticollis, colic, trauma from C-section)
- People living with the fear of "spine cracking"
- Facial fracture (e.g. falling off a horse or falling down stairs)
- Post-surgical procedures (metal plates in the head, dental work)

You can also find the vector point cranial therapy to be helpful if you fell off a bike, go through repetitive stress from working at a computer, a limp due to an ankle sprain, living with bad posture, travelling long distances, or even post dental procedures and surgery. With the cranial plates and the pelvis adjusted, you can de-stress the dura matter making it possible for your entire nervous system to have optimum performance. This then helps to release the tension and pain in the muscles and joints, helps you to sleep or have more energy.

Call Pain Rehabilitation Clinic to see one of our Toronto chiropractors who will help you “adjust” back to normal activities.

Chiropractic Adjustments

When you’re feeling a bit out of line, a chiropractic adjustment can be the relief that you need. Chiropractic adjustment techniques are designed to create space in the body where there is compression. Over time, our bodies get compressed and inflamed due to stress, overuse, and underuse. When the body feels discomfort or pain, one of the most natural ways to rid the body of that pain and compression is by undergoing a chiropractic adjustment.

Cracked Knuckles and Cracked Vertebrae

If you’ve ever cracked your knuckles, then you have experienced something similar to a chiropractic adjustment. Since chiropractors focus on the alignment of the spine, they make their adjustments to the vertebrae so that the nerves can travel freely to the rest of the body. When the spine is out of alignment, people can feel pain in a variety of locations such as the shoulders, wrists, legs, and abdomen. Most people are not “cured” by one chiropractic adjustment simply because the compression and discomfort has built up over the years. Hence, repeat visits to the chiropractor are usually necessary for optimum results and treatment.

Appropriate for People of All Ages

Our Toronto chiropractors will adjust patients of all ages. They sometimes give adjustments to children to help them fight common childhood ailments like asthma. There are even adjustments for skin problems like eczema. They also perform adjustments on athletic teens who need to keep their bodies in peak physical condition. Adults of all ages will also get adjustments, usually to alleviate some sort of pain within their bodies.

Frequency and Positioning

Chiropractic adjustments can be done on a daily basis, and yes, there are some people who require daily adjustments! However, most people will choose to receive one adjustment per week. Adjustments are often done on special beds and equipment designed for chiropractors. One type of table allows users to step onto a small base and rest their bodies along a table- at that point, the chiropractor puts the client into a face-down position so that it is easier to adjust the spine. Some adjustments require the client to be seated, and others require the client to lay on his or her side.

Get a Massage to Enhance the Experience

Many chiropractors will suggest to the patient that they receive a massage to complement the chiropractic adjustments (some may even include a complimentary massage to new patients). At Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, we have both chiropractors massage therapists who will work together to provide you with the best care- reduce both joint and muscle pain which produce friction and tension. Other clinics may not have a masseur or masseuse available and so the chiropractor may offer a massage from the rollers under the cushions. While this does not create the same experience as a RMT, a roller massage table can feel good.

Ask About Payment Plans and Insurance Policies

If you are avoiding a chiropractor because you think the visit is too expensive, you should look into your health care insurance. Many health care insurance policies in Ontario include coverage for chiropractic care. Many chiropractors will also offer payment plans for people who need care, or to those who may not have insurance coverage or enough money to pay for all of their treatments they need.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustments

A common (and controversial) chiropractic adjustment is the upper cervical chiropractic technique. A chiropractor will generally use this technique to adjust the upper neck which can subsequently help alleviate pain. Due to the fact that the neck is one of the most fragile spots in the body, chiropractors need to be very careful with their clients when they perform upper cervical chiropractic technique adjustments.

Many adult men and women experience pain in their neck due to simple day-to-day activities. Things such as “sitting at a computer, driving, carrying babies and children, and even cooking meals” are some of the activities that can create discomfort within the neck region. The upper cervical chiropractic technique involves twisting the neck to get the vertebrae to crack and relieve tension.

It is important for the client to have his or her shoulders pressed down and relaxed before the technique is done. Some patients may be tense and their shoulders become tight, which can be a challenge for a chiropractor to achieve a good “crack” in the vertebrae.

Twisting the Neck

The controversy comes with the fact that the neck is somewhat “violently” twisted. The chiropractor will usually hold the chin and head to be able to get the quick motion going. You may have heard of some stories involving chiropractors who have performed this technique, and as a result, pinched nerves when adjusting the patient’s neck.

There are also incidents where patients may have become paralyzed from the upper cervical chiropractic technique. Again, there are many other variables and factors which could lead to the detrimental examples. And so if you are uncomfortable with this adjustment, it is important to discuss it with your chiropractor.

Tender Neck Muscles

If you do allow your chiropractor to adjust your neck, there are a few after effects you should be aware of.

Since the neck is a tender part of the body, some people do feel a little discomfort after the adjustment. Your chiropractor will let you know if you should use ice or heat to relieve any discomfort following the adjustment.

If you are able to receive a massage after the adjustment, a massage therapist can help loosen the tight muscles. Even though chiropractors do not usually recommend taking any medication, ibuprofen (e.g. Advil) may help relieve muscle aches and pain to expedite the healing process.

Two Things To Practice Following Adjustments

1. If you use a laptop, do not work with it on your lap. When you do this, you have to look down, which can create strain in the upper neck and the shoulders. And by slouching, you create further pain. If you can put your laptop on a table or desk, you will feel less discomfort in your neck and shoulders.

2. Pay attention to your posture- stop slouching. Rolled shoulders will only cause strain in your entire upper neck and back region.

What is Whiplash?

Pain Rehab Clinic has been in the forefront in treating injured patients as a result of a motor vehicle accident (MVA) since 1997. Our multidiscipline team consists of a primary chiropractor who initiates a treatment plan. Our patients start with chiropractic session alongside with physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture, for the first 12 weeks to minimize joint adhesion and scaring on the soft tissue levels. Our physicians will intervene, if the condition exhibit complication, in which we will order series of test such as X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine further treatment program.

Patients who suffer from whiplash injuries as a result of an MVA is due to traveling at an excess speed of 20 km/hr. What exactly is a whiplash injury and how does Pain Rehab Clinic Oshawa help?

Whiplash is not a disease but a description of how an injury occurs. The spine, usually the head and neck, was unexpected jolt in one direction and then rebound in the opposite direction. The head is “whipped around” usually from front to back, but this can also happen from a side-to-side motion of the neck as well.

The sign and symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, headache, numbness of arm and shoulder pain. Early diagnosis and intervention is the key to correct these issues, injuries sustained from a MVA case it is crucial to establish causation. We will testify our findings in court to support your case. Pain Rehab Clinic will take on all MVA cases whether the insurer deny or approve; our success is based on clinical objective findings with supportive medical documentations.

Post Operation Rehabilitation Following Abdominal Hernia Repair

To mostly benefit from your hernia surgical procedure, and to get back to your regular activities and the fitness level you were at, requires a comprehensive post operation rehabilitation program. Returning to exercise depends upon the type of surgery that you went through and your body's response to it. Start off slowly, and work yourself through stages of abdominal strengthening to ensure that you do not hurt your abdomen or the tissues that are healing around it. Furthermore, deep tissue massage and therapeutic ultrasound help to minimize scarring and promote earlier return to normal functions. Scarring can be excessive and can cause a condition called Keloid. Keloid can cause further complications and slow down the recovery time. Rehabilitation programs will educate the patient on the correct exercise regime and how to perform each exercise. Early interventions through therapeutic ultrasound and deep tissue massage will help to prevent or minimize keloid formation so that the surgical wounds can be integrate optimally with your body.


Hernias occur when there is muscular or tissue defect. They typically occur in the abdominal wall or groin area. Tissues or organs such as the small intestine, can push through the abdominal walls and occlude the blood supply resulting in strangulation, which can become a life-threatening condition. Hernias vary in sizes, pain and treatment. Hernias that causes pain or discomfort usually require surgery.

When to Do Abs Exercise and When do you need an Ultrasound

After surgery, it is important that patients rest before starting an abdominal routine. Hernia surgery disrupts the abdominal tissues and muscles; rest ensures that these tissues heal and that the repairs are not disrupted or torn because of exercise. Patients should wait until they experience no pain or discomfort during movement before starting an abs routine. Physiotherapy can start within two weeks of surgery. Passive modalities like that of ultrasound to minimize scaring and keloid. Deep tissues massage and acupuncture is a great alternative in using pain medication after your post operation.

Abs Exercises

After proper rest, you should strengthen your rectus abdominus; the abdominal muscle that runs straight down the stomach. Initially, you should lay on a mat and work on strengthening the abdominal muscle without applying pressure on it. After lifting your knees in the air, lift your shoulders off the mat very slowly; if the movement is pain-free, hold for a few seconds before lowering your shoulders. It is recommended that you repeat this routine in small repetitions. All abdominal exercises should be followed by a day of rest to allow the muscles to heal and repair itself.

After more than two weeks of pain-free abdominal exercise, you should continue to slowly challenge yourself by lifting your shoulders higher and crunching farther toward the knees. The progression involves a 45-degree crunch. Once these exercises have been achieved, without aggravation and after receiving clearance from a doctor, you can move on to normal abdominal exercises.

Chronic Pain After Hernia Surgery

Chronic pain after hernia surgery is pain that persists beyond 2-3 months. There are many causes, from nerve entrapment to excessive scarring. It is important to minimize stress levels during treatment. Proper nutrition and plenty of rest are important. Soft tissue massage, stretching and ultrasound therapy will soften the scar, reduce inflammation, promote lymphatic drainage, and reduce pain. A multi modality approach is effective. On ocasion, you may need repeat surgery to address debilitating chronic pain after hernia surgery.


Breathing during any exercise routine is extremely important. Never hold your breath while doing abdominal exercises; holding your breath can place internal pressure on the abdomen and injure the recovering area. In addition, medications for pain control can cause constipation which increases the pressure in your abdomen and can cause hernias to reoccur. It is important to eat 30 g of fibre and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. You should consult with a doctor a day before starting a post operation abdominal exercise routine.

Disc Herniation & Injury Sustained from a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Your back has 24 movable bones stacked on top of each other so your body can move freely; your spinal bones are called vertebrae. Between the vertebrae are flexible, gel-like pads, called intervertebral discs (“discs”) that give your spine its curves and flexibility; your discs affect your height too. You are about 1.2 centimeters taller when you wake up than when you go to sleep. Gravity makes your discs a little thin when you walk and sit during the day; it expands a little while you lay down to sleep. As you age, your discs may lose fluid and small cracks may form in the outer walls. This damage may also be caused or accelerated by a Whiplash injury commonly found with patients involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). With some injuries sustained from a MVA, your discs may bulge, irritate nerves and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. In severe injury cases, disc damage may affect sitting, standing, walking or lifting, and cause pain when urinating, having a bowel movement, sneezing, and coughing. Numbness of the leg or foot, or a loss of muscular control, may also occur.

How to prevent Disc Issues?

You can prevent disc damage with regular stretching and strengthen of your back muscles, the back muscle is called the paraspinal muscle. To be effective in maintaining a healthy spine, there are specific exercises you should do to prevent disc damage. Prevention is the key to avoid having disc herniation. In an instant of trauma related disc herniation, early intervention in diagnosis the condition is the key to successfully treat the disc hernitation. Prolonge sitting may also weaken the paraspinal muscle and leave the body prone to spinal injury. Before any exercise or heavy lifting, you should always warm up properly to prevent any injury. Some effective treatment of disc herniation, if it is an acute disc herniation, is spinal adjustment conducted by a licensed Chiropractor and/or a physiotherapist. These treatments along side with therapeutic ultrasound and stretching programs may give you the best chance to recover a disc herniation injury. In overwhelming cases involving disc herniation, whether from the neck or back as result of a whiplash injury, may become chronic because of delay in diagnosis and/or treatment. Too often the insurance companies will classify, most of their clients case, as minor under the Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) which results in limiting the patients benefits. Conditions of disc herniation is diagnosised through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Results of a MRI can determine if the disc is causing a pinched nerve triggering shooting pain to the legs or arms. With such diagnostic result, the patient’s injuries are not within the Minor Injury Guideline.

Knifeless Surgery

At Sick Kids Hospital, in Brampton, doctors have been using a radical heat procedure in the form of Ultrasound waves to zap out tumors. This method does not require cutting into the patients’ skin and remove the tumor by using a knife. The old procedure can take weeks or months to recover; however, with the new procedure the recovery time is much quicker; the recover time can be from one to more than two days. A dramatic difference.

The procedure is performed by a Radiologist with the use of MRI to see exactly where the tumor by employing a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). HIFU is a precise medical procedure that applies high-intensity focus ultrasound energy to locally heat and burn off tumor or damaged tissues through ablation. In the past the procedure has been used to remove uterine fibroid, benign tumor on a woman’s uterus which causes painful and heavy period. Jack Campanile of Brampton is one of the first patient in Canada to be treated using HIFU to remove bone tumor known as osteoid osteoma. During the procedure temperature sensor probes detect the tissue’s temperature, the doctor would monitor the rate at which the tumor is burning off; this also allow doctors to monitor adjacent tissues so that it can avoid burning of non-tumor tissue. This is a significant step as it avoids damaging any tissue nearby that is not the tumor. Rendering this procedure highly precise in removing the tumor.

Osteoid Osteoma can cause pain with activities, and in Jack Campanile’s case, it affected his sport activities for many years. During his interview with Toronto Star Reporter Sheryl Ubelacker on August 7, 2014, he stated that is pain was unbearable; he rated his pain between an 8 and a 9, on a scale of one to ten. Dr. Temple, Interventional Radiologist, is the Physican who led a team that operated on Michael Campanile’s case. This case is believed to be among the first in North America that used HIFU to remove tumor other than uterine fibroids.

Doctors can now treat this type of bone tumor without cutting through a patient’s skin and the recovery rate is so quick. In Jack Campanile’s case, he wake up at home the day after his procedure and discovered his pain was gone. He stated that “It felt like somebody flipped a switch and it was gone.”

Understanding the Minor Injury Guideline (MIG)

What is the Minor Injury Guideline?

The Minor Injury Guideline is a document created and put into effect in February 2014 from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. It is designed to outline specific injuries and how they transition to claims and insurance benefits. To understand one’s position in the Minor Injury Guideline is to understand the claims and benefits available to them. The goals of the document is to speed the process of a person who has sustained a minor injury to obtain rehabilitation. This is done through making access to health care and their resources easier and without complication. The document itself provides insurers and health care professionals definitive costs and payments, in addition to methods in which treatment can be provided without insurance approval, for specific individuals.

This is the document that states when a person with an injury can receive treatment as soon as possible without insurer approval, and still have that treatment be paid by the insurer. The document is in effect for any person who submits their Treatment Confirmation Form (OCF-23) or in cases where this submission is waived.

The guideline includes various information, and definitions on what constitutes a minor injury, and the process in which a patient requires psycho-social interventions to restore their functioning at home or at work. They define interventions as either recommended or discretionary, meaning the treatment is either ideal or relative to the healthcare practitioner’s discretion. It is important to note is some injuries or impairments do not fall under this guideline. The MIG specifically states when a minor injury exceeds its status and requires a different categorization.

Understanding if your injury falls under the MIG

The MIG states injuries or impairments fall under the guidelines protection if they are mostly a minor injury. These types of injuries include:

- Sprain
- Abrasion
- Contusion
- Strain
- Whiplash Associated Disorder
- Laceration
- Subluxation
- Clinically associated Sequelae

The term minor injury can be any one of these diagnosis or a combination of these conditions. Our staff includes doctors and physicians who diagnose minor injuries, confirm their location and severity. This allows patients to have their status clinically identified and readily provide swift treatment.

This documents allows for more than one type of treatment. Often injuries require various different practitioners to facilitate treatments to fulfill a full recovery process. The MIG stipulates that health practitioners can co-ordinate with other health practitioners for additional available treatment options. The other health practitioners are chosen by the main practitioner, and are relative to the needs of the patient. These additional practitioners include but are not exclusive to:

- Neurologists
- Psychiatrists
- Social Workers
- Urologist
- Physiotherapists
- Acupuncturists
- Psychologists
- Naturopaths

There are a few conditions in which the insured person’s impairment is minor in nature however additional information indicate the injury is much worse. This information can be compelling evidence from the health practitioner, or a pre-existing medical condition that would prevent maximal recovery. With regards to pre-existing conditions, they will not necessarily automatically exclude from obtaining benefits under the MIG.

If you are unsure your injury will allow you to obtain rehabilitation treatment immediately as mentioned in the MIG, the staff at the Pain Rehabilitation Clinics can assist you in understanding and identifying your injuries and the benefits available to you.

What kind of treatment will be received to under the MIG?

Under the MIG a person with a minor injury is entitled to an initial visit, treatment phase and a discharge phase. In the initial visit an assessment is done, recommendations are given, and optional interventions are offered during with recommendations for the treatment phase. The treatment phase is separated into three, four-week blocks. Treatment is catered to the injury and focuses on recovery, reassurance, education and home exercise. Treatment emphasises mobilization, manipulation, pain management, coping skills, diagnostic imagery, and other interventions, (as mentioned in the initial visit) with the end goal to return to full function. In the discharge phase the health practitioner determines if treatment will conclude, continue outside the MIG or be discontinued. The full list of fees and scheduling is listed on the MIG document.